Build an interactive

Connect with your community on Clyx so they can connect with each other.


Turn our users into your customers

Create eye-catching ads that bridge the gap between ‘who’s coming’ and ‘what to do’. Venues are the focal point of our user experience.

Our data-driven algorithm matches your venue with relevant users and communities, driving them to your coffee shop, bar, restaurant or event...

Clyx solves the perpetual 'what to do' problem for out users and in doing so, helps to grow your audience.

Use Clyx to find the best places to eat drink and explore.


Build & connect with your community

Create an exciting hub for your community and make it easy for everyone to discover, schedule and attend events.

Allow those with shared passions to connect with each other, whether it’s debriefs over dinner, morning meetups over coffee or a trip to the gym.

Clyx - chat with your friends are organise your social calendar.


Engage and organise events with other users

Whether you teach yoga, run a club night or want to grow a sports league, creating events on Clyx is an easy way to boost your event's exposure.

Promote real experiences to like-minded users, grow your network and build lasting friendships.

Make sure all your friends come clubbing in Miami.

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