Where to Get Your Espresso Fix in Miami

There isn’t much you can’t find in Miami and great espresso is no exception. Miami’s great coffee scene is a product of its international nature and close affiliation with South America – the home of some of best coffee farmers in the world. While the coffee scene has become increasingly complex in the last few decades, there is no better way to get a sense for Miami’s coffee prowess than with a short sharp shot of espresso.
October 20, 2022

Eternity Coffee Roasters

117, SE 2nd Ave, Miami

Eternity is co-owned by Chris Johnson and Cristin and Ernesto Garces, all three of whom are or were previously Colombian Coffee growers. There should be no surprise then that the espresso at Eternity is some of the best in the city. The beans used are sourced from farms just outside Medellin, Colombia and are as fresh as can be. It is, however, not just the coffee that makes Eternity a popular spot. The relaxed and friendly vibe, a product of Eternity’s hospitality and low-key playlist, is what keeps coffee lovers coming back.

Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar

1010, Brickell Ave, Miami

Despite there now being a number of locations around Miami, Crema has not lost its appeal and still feels like your local neighbourhood coffee shop. The coffee selection at Crema is extensive, but what really makes this a spot that should be on your list is their food offering. There is very little on the menu that doesn’t appeal to us. Whether you visit their store in Coral Gables, Miami Beach or Downtown you will not be disappointed.

The bar at Crema Gormet Espresso Bar

Pasion del Cielo Coffee

100 Giralda Ave, Miami

It would be easy to be put off Pasion de Cielo by the sheer amount of options you have when ordering there. Before you can decide whether you want an espresso, cappuccino or an iced latte, to name a few, you have to choose which beans you would like the barista to use. Fear not though as those working behind the counter are knowledgeable and friendly, taking the stress out of your order. It is one of the most customizable espresso experiences in the city and one for the real coffee lovers amongst you. What is lacking in choice on the food front, is surely made up for by the quality of espresso at Pasion del Cielo Coffee.

Alaska Coffee Roasting Co

13130, Biscayne Blvd

As the name suggests, Michael Gesser the founder and owner of the Alaska Coffee Roasting Company hails from Alaska but decided to take his passion for coffee south to Miami 3 years ago. Gesser imports beans from around the world and uses a unique roasting method to make sure every cup tastes great. You simply cannot go wrong with the espresso at the Alaska Coffee Roasting Co. For those not as interested in espresso, the coffee shop is also known for its brick oven breakfast pizzas.