Discovering Crate Brewery: London's Hippest Beer Haven

Journey with Katie Oxley-Cowen as she paints a vivid picture of Crate Brewery, a trendy spot in London known to locals and visitors. Follow along to discover the unexplored gems and favourite picks of this beloved urban brewery. Get ready for an enticing adventure into the heart of London's craft beer revolution.
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Katie Oxley-Cowen

September 19, 2023

Hey ladies, I'm Katie Oxley-Cowen, your guide through the best spots in global cities. Today, I've connected with Jess, a Londoner and a frequent visitor to Crate Brewery, a unique hotspot in the heart of East London. She will lend her insider knowledge to show us why Crate Brewery is a must-visit location for young urban women.

Q: Hey Jess, Can you give us an intro about Crate Brewery?

A: Absolutely, Katie. Crate Brewery is a cool, trendy spot in Hackney Wick. It's a bar, pizzeria, and craft brewery all wrapped into one. Set in a former print factory, it's loved for its amazing variety of craft beers and lip-smacking thin crust pizzas.

Q: Why do you choose Crate Brewery as a frequent hang-out spot?

A: That's a great question, Katie. It's not just for the beers or pizzas. Crate Brewery has a particular energy. The canal side location, graffiti art, the mix of tourists and locals and of course the live jazz on Sundays take the visit to a whole new level. The space is large, the service friendly, and the atmosphere is very chilled!

Q: What's unique about their craft beers?

A: Every beer lover would appreciate the effort they put in. Their craft beers are typically brewed on-site, using unique ingredients for each beer type. And they do have an array of options to try out from light to dark, from stout to cider.

Q: Tell us about their food, especially the pizzas.

A: Honestly, Katie, their pizzas are to die for. The thin and crunchy base, topped with fresh ingredients is simply delicious. They have a variety of vegetarian and vegan options as well, like the Middle Eastern pizza with aubergine, tahini, and pomegranate. My personal favorite is the sweet potato, stilton, and walnut pizza.

Q: Would you recommend this place for a girls' night hangout?

A: Absolutely, it's not just a great hangout spot but also incredibly Instagram-worthy! Whether it's a birthday celebration or a chill catch-up with the girls, Crate Brewery is a place to create memories.

Q: Any suggestions for someone visiting for the first time?

A: Yes, try their tasting flight to sample the different craft beers. And don't skip the pizza, of course! Also, if the weather is good, grab a spot near the canal for the best experience.

There you have it, ladies. A peek into Crate Brewery, a must-visit hang-out spot in London. Whether it's for the unique craft beers, delicious pizzas, the chill vibe, or just for cool Instagram snaps, Crate Brewery has something for everyone. Huge thanks to Jess for sharing her first-hand experience and tips for visiting this amazing venue in the heart of East London.

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