Delving into Vibrant Vibes at Cahoots Kingly Court London

Join Katie Oxley-Cowen as she steps back in time and shares the secrets of Cahoots Kingly Court, a unique cocktail bar in London with a distinctly vintage twist. Uncover this exclusive underground haven full of unforgettable memories, tales of a bygone era, and cocktails that will leave you captivated.
Katie loves Magic

Katie Oxley-Cowen

September 14, 2023

Meet one of the most lively and vibrant spirits I've had the pleasure of knowing, Jenna Wallace. A Londoner through and through, Jenna is a 28-year-old PR professional who loves to experience the social scene of her home city. She has visited Cahoots Kingly Court multiple times, and today she will be sharing her thoughts and experiences about this trendy London hotspot.

Q: Firstly, Jenna, why do you choose Cahoots Kingly Court out of the many options in London?

A: That’s easy, Katie. Cahoots is a hidden gem with a unique ambiance that takes you back in time. Where else in London can you party in a 1940s-themed underground air raid shelter, right?

Q: That certainly is unique! Can you describe the atmosphere to us?

A: Cahoots has an inclusive, friendly atmosphere. The venue is styled as a vintage tube station with sandy bunkers, tube carriage seating, vintage accessories, and period advertisements. The dim lighting adds a lovely speakeasy charm to it.

Q: You mentioned that it was a 1940s-themed underground air raid shelter, but what kind of music do they play?

A: You can expect to hear a blend of jazz, swing, and rock 'n' roll. It’s refreshing to step back in time, away from the electronic music of today.

Q: How about the drink selections at Cahoots, Jenna?

A: Cahoots has one of the best cocktail menus in the city, hands down. They serve delicious and creative drinks inspired by wartime Britain, which are served in a variety of eccentric vessels like tins, milk containers, and even hip flasks!

Q: It sounds like Cahoots has a very particular theme. Do you have to dress up to fit in?

A: Not at all! There is no particular dress code enforced, but I do notice some people getting into the theme by dressing in 1940s fashion, which adds to the fun. You get the impression that everyone there is up for a good time.

Q: Lastly, would you recommend Cahoots Kingly Court to our readers?

A: Absolutely, Katie! It’s a magical place to have fun and make some marvelous memories. Whether you are thinking of a typical night out or a special occasion, Cahoots Kingly Court would be a great choice.

Thanks once again to the amazing Jenna for sharing her experiences with us. Cahoots Kingly Court brings that blast from the past experience, taking patrons back to 1940s Britain - a unique offering in the heart of modern London. So if you're in the city and looking to try something a bit different, why not give Cahoots a visit? As Jenna said, you're sure to make some magic memories.

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