What really matters    

We’re building Clyx to make it as easy to go out and make memories with friends as it is to sit at home and scroll.

Our phones keep us connected with friends, but they’re designed to keep us on the couch. At Clyx, we want the opposite – and we think you do too.

Mental Health
Mental Health
Good friends, love, & support are integral to good mental health.
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Genuine Connection
Nothing beats laughing together in person.
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Technology should support real life, not try to replace it.

How we work

Swipe on curated events

We carefully choose events in your city that we think you might like to do. Deciding if you are going or not is as easy as swiping left or right.

Swiping on a wellness card on Clyx

Discover communities

Discover communities full of people who love what you love. Whether it's brunches, spin classes, or concerts, there's a community of people waiting for you.

Discover communities for Hot Girl Walk and Events in Miami

Personalize your profile

Stand out from the crowd and let others get to know you by personalising your profile.

Profile of a girl with links to her tiktok, instagram, and twitter

Match with

Once you find an event you love, just swipe right and we'll match you with a group of like-minded people to join you.

Matched page for an event on Clyx showing multiple friends

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What our users say

I like Clyx because it’s like no other app i’ve downloaded before - you can join or create communities, find events to go to and find girls to go with. The best thing about Clyx is that everyone has the same intention as you, which makes it really easy to make new friends! Clyx is an app for the future.

Mari, a Clyx user, and her testimonial

We all need a little more serendipity